/OBriens Spanish Wine Sale

OBriens Spanish Wine Sale

Today sees the launch of our always-popular Spanish Wine Sale, with 20-50% off wines from Rioja to Galicia and everywhere in-between. The sale runs until Sunday 7th July, so check out all our special offers in-store or online. Here is a sample of the terrific offers available in O’Briens Wine.

Half Price Rioja Gran Reserva €16.95 (down from €33.95)

OBriens Spanish Wine Sale

50% Off Monte Real Gran ReservaThe Monte Real Rioja Gran Reserva is one of our most popular premium Spanish wines at full price, so when we offer it at 50% Off there is a Pamplona-style stampede through the door!

Coming from the venerable old Bodegas Riojanas that dates back to 1890, this is a classic Rioja Gran Reserva. Made with Tempranillo grapes from premium vineyards in the Cenicero region of Rioja Alta this wine is aged for 24-30 months in American oak casks. This extended ageing lends the wine a deep woody complexity that ensures it will age spectacularly well if stored correctly*.

The palate it full and powerful with grippy tannins and plenty of plummy and dried fruits to accompany the sweet spice from the American oak barrels. A delicious, dry finish with a savoury and mulberry accent.

* Wine Storage Tip: Store wines on their side in a cool and stable temperature in a dark room. The biggest threats to wine becoming spoiled is oxygen, direct sunlight and high or fluctuating temperatures. Storing bottles on their side ensures the cork does not dry out and allow oxygen to spoil the wine.

Food Pairing:

Pair this wine with rich meat dishes such as this very slow cooked (7hrs!) beef cheek I made on the BBQ on Saturday. Alternatively hard cheeses, such as Manchego, would be ideal.

OBriens Spanish Wine Sale

Terrific Value Rosé Cava €12.95 (down from €17.95)

Cava is sparkling wine from Spain, made in the same method as Champagne (or ‘Traditional Method’). This means the bubbles are formed during a second fermentation occurring inside the glass bottle, as opposed to the cheaper ‘Charmat Method’ that produces the bubbles in a Prosecco (here the bubbles are formed in large stainless steel tanks, usually on a commercial scale).

However, in Ireland the Duty on Traditional Method sparkling wine is double that of Prosecco frizzante, which puts them at a competitive disadvantage. So, to see a quality Cava rosé such as this at such a great price is rare. And since it looks like we are going to get some Mediterranean weather this week this bottle of bubbles would be the perfect sipper for relaxing in the back garden.

Full of strawberry and cherry fruit flavours it is fresh and crisp but has enough body to match rich fish dishes such as salmon.

Food Pairing:

Ideal pairing with salmon dishes or these char-grilled peppers straight off the BBQ.OBriens Spanish Wine Sale