/Brand New Organic Italian Winery

Brand New Organic Italian Winery

There has been real excitement here at O’Briens about the brand new Cantina Orsogna wine range that arrived this month. Cantina Orsogna is a cooperative based on the east coast of Italy located beside Majella National Park- one of the most intact natural parks in Europe- and put sustainability at the heart of their philosophy.

New Organic and Bee Friendly Italian White, €17.95

Our new Vola Volé Trebbiano d’Abruzzo, for example, is 100% organic and also certified by Biodiversity Friend, a not-for-profit organisation that encourages bee and plant diversity in agriculture. And the winery goes one step further and cultivates yeast from local flower pollen to ferment this wine! For more information on this interesting range of wines the winery have a handy App that tells you the story behind each bottle’s label. The Vola Volé AR App is available  to download for free on iTunes and Play App store.

More importantly, this delicious summery 100% Trebbiano is available in-store at your local O’Briens and online now.

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Fresh Seafood risotto