/Updates In KERFhood

Updates In KERFhood

Updates In KERFhood

Yesterday I walked downtown to the new Petite MarieBette. The space is gorgeous, and the baked goods just as yummy as ever. I have loved the Rose Hill Drive location for a long time, but parking can be such a pain over there, so I am thrilled to be able to walk! I had their Valentine’s Day hot chocolate – filled with berries and passionfruit mixed with a rich chocolate! And those marshamallows – gaaaaah.

Updates In KERFhood

And I brought a kale salad home for lunch which I topped with Plenty Mexican chicken salad.


Updates In KERFhood

My Valentines

Sweet brothers. And Birch looks huge here! Also: those pants – that’s what he looks like everyday after coming home from the kindergarten playground. *eye roll*

Updates In KERFhood

Mr. Mazen did a wonderful job writing all of his classmates’ names on their valentines.

Updates In KERFhood

Update: Treadmill Has Been Purchased!

I did it! I spent a long time yesterday researching treadmills, and took all of your comments and messages into consideration and bought…..the NordicTrack C 990.

Selling points

  • Under $1000 (barely!!)
  • iFit compatible (I really wanted one with a little touch screen and I’m going to do a trial of iFit since I love using Aaptiv (which is audio only) so much.)
  • FREE any-room delivery and assembly!! I will be sure to update you all how this goes. Yay for Amazon having this on sale for the day!

I almost went with the less expensive NordicTrack T 6.5 S after chatting with my friend Runnergirl on Instagram who has it and loves it, but I also spent a LOT of time on this site and she has the 990 as a Best Buy and her reasons it beats the 6.5 S were all very convincing to spend just a little bit more money.

I sure hope it’s awesome!

The Horizon one is going to go back on Craigslist as “free to anyone who will bring two strong people to haul it away.” It’s honestly still good for walking and slow jogging if you can get over the stops (when the incline decides to work) so if any locals want it for free – lemme know!

Update: Crib Naps

Mazen has been helping me out with Birch’s naps, which are now taking place in his crib!

Updates In KERFhood

I moved the monitor and white noise to the nursery for daytime naps. He doesn’t seem to notice that he’s not in the bassinet. I really can’t imagine when he’s going to sleep downstairs at night (I want him within arms reach forever – sob!) but I thought I should have him getting used to the crib. I wouldn’t want to have a one year old standing in his crib on night one and it not being a familiar space, ya know? At least when they day comes for him to do nights in his room, he’ll be familiar with his crib from naps.

Updates In KERFhood

Update: Cloud Cam As A Baby Monitor

Now that I’m using it in the nursery, I am really loving our Amazon Cloud Cam as a monitor. I keep a tab open on my computer when I’m working, the app on the iPad when I’m exercising or in the kitchen, and the Echo Spot on when I’m upstairs. I imagine when the day comes that B sleeps in his nursery all night I’ll use the Echo at night too. The only downside to this is I lose it as a clock, but that seems like a small loss. I have gotten out our Motorola video monitor several times and it’s just so annoying to have to carry around the parent unit in comparison to just logging into an app with my phone or on the computer while I work. I can let our babysitter use the iPad too. I really didn’t know how the Cloud Cam would do as a monitor, but I can say now that I like it a lot!

Updates In KERFhood

Mazen and I have started reading to B too. I think it’s adorable how he actually looks at the books already. It’s never too soon to start reading to your kids I suppose. We’re really liking the Merlin suit too. It has been a great transition out of the swaddle. I do hope to end up with sleep sacks in the next month or so, but I’m not quite ready to go through a few days of no naps to get there. Maybe one weekend soon when I have more hands on deck!

After a week of shorter stretches, Birch did a 10 hour stretch on Wednesday night!! WOO HOO!

Updates In KERFhood

Update: Pockets Are Amazing

After wearing leggings for so long, I’m in jeans half the time now. Do you know why that is awesome? POCKETS! The lack of pockets is the one major drawback to leggings, and I am finding myself thinking “Gosh these pockets are so convenient” when I wear my jeans!

Another update: I am losing all of my hair. It’s falling out worse than Gussie’s! I remember this happening with Mazen and having to have my shower drain snaked eventually, so I hope it doesn’t cause any drain problems in this house.

Updates In KERFhood

Update: KERF Design

You might notice a slight blog re-design in the next couple of days. I’m working to make KERF more user friendly for those of you who read both every day and sporadically. As it rolls out, I welcome your feedback as always (politely of course) and I can hopefully make some tweaks as necessary. The short of it is I’m aiming to have the three most recent posts at the top and the older posts underneath so there is a lot less scrolling and you can more easily see all the posts I’ve published in a week. Crossing fingers it all looks good in the end!