/Revolution Brewing Announces New 15-Packs of Every Day-Hero

Revolution Brewing Announces New 15-Packs of Every Day-Hero

(CHICAGO, IL) – Revolution Brewing is now shipping fresh 15-packs of Every Day-Hero, a new session IPA with a low 4.3% ABV, to local markets. A modern blend of hops adds a tropical flavor to this year-round brew designed for every-day enjoyment. Every Day-Hero is a full-bodied craft IPA that goes low on the alcohol while still bringing the great taste that people expect from Revolution.

Every Day-Hero 15 Packs

“Any time we come up with a new beer, we absolutely want it to have that Revolution stamp on it. Every Day-Hero isn’t like anything we’ve brewed before,” Brewmaster Jim Cibak said, “The hops bring some really unique flavors to a very refreshing beer. We spent a lot of time experimenting with different hops and recipes until we had exactly the beer you want at the end of a long day.”

Every Day-Hero is the lowest-ABV beer Revolution produces in cans — an ideal porch beer, but also great for a backyard cookout, an outdoor concert, or a ballgame. And of course, it tastes great on the couch after a long day of saving the world. 15-packs are available now at retailers. Save the Day, Every Day!

About Revolution Brewing

Revolution Brewing is the largest independently owned brewery in Illinois, brewing only in Chicago between the original brewpub space in Logan Square and a production brewery and taproom in Avondale.

Every Day-Hero is currently available in Illinois and Indiana, and coming soon to Wisconsin.